SPE was built with a lot of features to differentiate us from our competitors, but its
greatest strength lies in the team behind it


Over 56% high school students in the world stop their studies due to the financial issues.
There are huge count of athletes in the world that also broke their dream just because no
one here to support them.That’s why we decided to open a plartform where these guys
can easily invest with just 1xlm token and can earn passive amount to fulfill their dreams.
Now our first goal is to become the top unstable coins in the country, not in market cap,
not in volume but in impact. Giving back to our community via monetary donations is an
essential objective at SPE. Our noble mission is to support those high school students who
are struggling for studies and the athletes that are in need of financial assistance by
donating a percentage of each transaction to a variety of local charities. Our aim is to
create a platform where anyone can easily invest their money and passively increase their
investment through long-term holding via the Buy-Back Process. This process
incentivizes long-term holders as these investors will receive a percentage of SPE token
from each transaction.
OUR Furthermore, SPE’S second testimony is to launch ‘SPE Exchange’, the future platform to
dominate the cryptocurrency market exchange. One of the SPE Exchange submissions is
to provide the cheapest fees available for coins and tokens. Who really wants to be paying
10% to platforms such as Pancake swap?
SPE exchange will also be providing a system of instant deposit and withdrawal via bank
which will bring a broader number of investors this is due to the complicity of buying
growing tokens throughout other exchange platforms.
Did you know NFT is a new growing industry being cast around since the popularity of
cryptocurrency over the years?
We will be creating a brand new exchange for NFTs on SPE Exchange; This will push SPE
exchange to a high altitude in the Cryptocurrency industry. The potential of NFT is
growing vastly, digital art is going to be a new way forward. Who knows we could be
selling/auctioning the digital art from the future Picasso?The third and most exciting future plan of SPE is creating our own blockchain. Once we
initiate the first two testimonies, SPE will have a dominant stance in the Cryptocurrency
markets, which will allow us to transition into creating our own blockchain. This will be
very beneficial for the future growth of the SPE Community.
Last but not the least is to create a sports facility centre where every member can come
and learn sports as professional. You can visit this link to see our futuristic sport facility.



20,000,000 SPE TOKEN









Massive Donations ungoing on our website
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